Wednesday, 4 April 2012

New website for Solatek Eastern

Growing demand for photovoltaic green energy has seen a rise in the number of providers. So who do you choose? Someone who has over 8 years of successful business experience maybe?

Solatek Eastern is part of Hammond Electrical Contracting (established in 2004) and provides efficient, affordable solar panels (‘PV’ or ‘photovoltaic’ panels) for homes and businesses in the eastern region. Their solar panels help you save on your energy bills, earn extra cash and reduce your carbon footprint.

The new website that GGS recently designed and built for them illustrates how photovoltaic green energy is a superb investment for homeowners and commercial property owners alike. Installation is quick and easy, and Solatek Eastern has a range of solar panels to suit every property and budget.

Friday, 30 March 2012

They've got some bottle..!

Another great result for a client with our beautiful backlit transparencies.

Original picture

We took a dramatic shot of bottles for our client, M & H Plastics, so when it came to creating a ‘wow’ factor for their exhibition stand, this was the shot to use.

Light boxes on the stand

Dual Creative designed their graphics and recommended a giant backlit transparency, which we produced. At nearly 2metres wide it made their exhibition stand really stand out from the crowd.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

"Another award? ...Ohhh... go on then! ;-)"

Our crack exhibition department here at GGS have designed and built another Award Winning stand.

This time for bf1 systems, a market leading provider of electrical, electronic and composite solutions to the motorsport, automotive and aerospace industries, who won the 'Best Stand in Show' award at the Autosport Engineering International 2012 show held at the NEC.

Having already sampled, and been delighted with (*smug grin*), the quality of our professional photography, the Diss based company, whose clients include F1, MotoGP, Nascar, Rolls Royce and Airbus, approached GGS to ensure that their presence at the show would be striking and effective and would allow them to showcase their latest developments; which we did!  Very effectively, it would seem.

John Bailey, bf1's MD said, "We want to recognise our R&D team in Diss and especially want to thank GGS in Norwich who designed the cutting edge stand which showcased our technology".

Duncan Smith with bf1's award

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

It only happens one day a year

What does?

Your BIRTHDAY of course!

So it's a teeny bit special, isn't it?

That's why, from the beginning of this year, the Directors at GGS have decided to reward all the Staff for their hard work, skill, professionalism, concientiousness and enthusiasm by giving them an extra days' holiday each year on their birthday! WHOOPEE!!

It has been suggested that perhaps it might be better to let them have the day AFTER their birthday off instead...

... but we don't want to be responsible for encouraging over-indulgence, do we ;-)

Sunday, 15 January 2012

A Brief History of Simon Perkin

During the GGS Christmas bash at The Library (the restaurant near the Guildhall, not the big room full of books. That would be silly...) a - not so Secret - Santa presented me with this very impressive contraption which caused great interest; not just on our table but on surrounding ones as well. In reference to my continued frustration with our abysmal Broadband connection, Simon, who joined GGS last year in the Sales Department, hand built this device for me. This man clearly has hidden talents!

I asked Simon what he had been doing in his previous life. Here's what he had to say... 

1982: Tore tickets at cinema while at school and doodled pictures of ET over English “O” Level papers. 
1983: Became Projectionist at cinema in Camden Town which doubled as Spiritualist venue for all the top Mediums in the eighties – anyone remember Doris Stokes? 
1985: Worked doing BT customer satisfaction (bit oxymoronic - Ed.) surveys – an up hill struggle! 
1987: Became Assistant Manager / Manager for what was then Cannon Cinemas, worked at a variety of venues in London and Essex – the best of which was Basildon – which speaks for itself. 
1989: Travelled Europe for a year 
On return did a course in Film and TV make-up
Freelance Make–up and SPFX artist / Art Director / Model maker for low budget films and pop videos.
(Now we're really intrigued - what low budget films?! Which pop videos?!! - Ed.)
Then decided better get Ejermacated. 
(What's happened to the dates? - Ed.)
Did part of BA Philosophy and Psychology degree in Liverpool till the course collapsed. 
Then after getting married went back to big school in Norwich and got a First class degree in English and Cultural Studies (part time) – who’d have thought? 
Currently into Assemblage sculpture (because it’s cheap to do) and make the odd Automata from old wooden off-cuts and toothpicks (because it’s cheap to do and keeps me off the streets), which I exhibit at a local gallery. 
Somewhere in the above, have also written 2 short children’s books and several treatments / scripts for films that, despite my best intentions, have all steadfastly remained unpublished and unproduced.

But I’m still smiling!
Pretty impressive. I think there should be regular updates on the 'assemblage sculpture' from now on.
Watch this space. Admit it - you want to know more...

Thursday, 12 January 2012


We had a unique test of our exhibition design skills when local telecommunications company Comm-Tech asked us to design a set of linked exhibition stands that built up to a complete customer experience centre.

Each section showcases a different aspect of their business – from Blackberry to recycled phones – and needed to have an ultra smart, tech-y, WOW! factor. Additionally, as experts in lighting, GGS was asked to design the lighting and supply a total LED solution.

There were considerable challenges due to the odd shaped space and time frame but our installation team completed in good time for the recent official opening, when the new showroom received many glowing comments.

Comm-Tech supply business mobile phones, fixed line phone systems & vehicle tracking systems and have just opened their new offices and showroom in King Street, Norwich.

Friday, 18 November 2011

We're listening...

Tuesday morning saw GGS HQ filled with the delicious aroma of bacon sizzling (a real vegetarian turner, if ever there was one) as the team came in early for a GGS breakfast which also included muffins, croissants, tea (obviously), coffee (obviously) and orange juice.


To provide a forum for everyone to discuss our plans for the Company; where we are going and how we are going to get there, where we've been and was it a good place? And to talk about what everyone likes (or dislikes) about the work, the environment and the systems we use to ensure that all our clients remain the happiest little bunnies on the planet.

An hour later, apart from being fully bacon'd up, we had covered a multitude of topics which included improvements to the website, working for charities and having specific Charities Discount Policy, improvements to the building and planning when the next meeting would be... (after work followed by a slap up meal at Mrs. Miggins' Pie Shop).

We like to have a happy team, and as we all know - It's all about teamwork!